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Raymarine’s HD Color radome scanners combine the power and clarity of HD Color signal processing with an ultra-compact scanner suitable for all types of vessels. These radomes offer a 256-color radar display and the clearest, most lifelike presentation available from any radome scanner.

The RD424HD and RD418HD feature the same adaptive digital receiver technology found in Raymarine open array antennas.

By adjusting automatically to changing environmental and sea conditions, the HD Color radomes provide crisp, accurate contact echoes at short ranges, as well as outstanding long-range performance up to 48 nautical miles.

Radome packs include 10m digital radar cable, crossover coupler and 1.5m SeaTalkhs cable. Digital Radar Extension Cables available. Compatible with all third generation c-Series/e-Series, C-Series/E-Series Widescreen, E-Series Classic and G-Series displays.

Exceptional performance, even in the most challenging conditions

Digital and HD color Radome Radars offer the latest in power and technology.

SeaTalkHS connectivity
 and Raymarine's Auto GST technology provides enhanced small target returns and eliminates clutter caused by rain and sea conditions automatically through your Multifunction Display.

Each Raymarine Radar System consists of a Raymarine multifunction display (excluding A Series displays), and your choice of Raymarine radome or open array antenna.

Raymarine Digital Radome Antennas


    • 48 NM range
    • Plug and Play compatibility
    • Improved radiation pattern and bearing resolution using Propagation Enhancing Geometry
    • Same mounting pattern as previous generation radomes
    • Utilizes small SeaTalkHS interconnect cable for ease of installation
    • Raymarine HD Color Radome Scanners


      • 48 NM range
      • Adaptive digital receiver automatically adjusts to changing environmental and sea conditions for a dramatically clearer picture
      • 256 color multi-level target display with selectable color palettes
      • Bird Mode automatically optimizes the receiver for detecting sea birds above schools of fish
      • Dual-range mode allow you to monitor both long and short ranges simultaneously with a single scanner and display

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