Trojan Trailer Winches



Multi-fit base holes. Stainless steel shafts, pawls & pawl springs. Galvanised bodies & components. Wire guard fitted to drum gear.

The Trojan range of winches is the widest available in the market with multiple options to have with or without winch rope or winch wire, available also in a range of winding options from 1 to 1 ratio up to 15 to 1 ratio for the bigger boats. These ‘predominantly’ marine winches are galvanised and the components are high quality stainless steel meaning a high level of corrosion resistance and low maintenance. Coupled with these winches are a huge range of spare parts for the odd time that components wear or fail.

All winches except 1:1 model are dual ratio. 10:1 & 15:1 models are supplied with two handles. These winches do not include winch rope.

Maximum Pull

1x1  250kg

3x1  500kg

5x1  750kg

10x1  1000kg

15x1  1500kg

Your boat winch is one of the most important accessories attached to your boat trailer, and if you have a failure, launching, or more importantly, retrieving your boat, can quickly turn a fantastic day into a nightmare.

The team at Trojan know this, which is why their winches are designed and built to last. The body of a Trojan winch is hot dip galvanized, and the internal shafts, pawl and pawl springs are all made from stainless-steel.

Trojan offer 5 different models of winch to suit a range of boat sizes. 1:1 ratio (250kg rated), 3:1/1:1 ratio (500kg rated), 5:1/1:1 ratio (750kg rated), 10:1/5:1 ratio (1000kg rated), and 15:1/10:1 ratio (1500kg rated). All models include a handle which is easily swapped between available ratios by simply removing an ‘R’ clip and sliding off the handle, additionally the 10:1 and 15:1 model include 2 handles. The mounting footprint of these winches has been designed to be multi fit and should be compatible with most existing winches in the market for ease of fitment, they are also designed to be used with either a wire or synthetic rope.

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