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The benefits of Inflatable life jackets are clear; lightweight comfortable and compact. This is why more and more of these jackets are finding their way into the market as boaties and fisherman are realising they can happily wear one all day. However what a lot of these people do not realise is that the mechanisms that triggers these jackets to inflate need to be checked to ensure everything is operational. Commercially, they need to be serviced annually by a certified service company but recreationally no such rules apply. This is why we advise a self service of your Inflatable Lifejacket once a year. All it involves is a couple of simple steps to make sure your inflatable is up to scratch and will work when you need it to most.

For Australian standards of Annual Service and Self Inspection you can download our form hereHutchwilco Self Service and Inspection Form.pdf

For a list of approved Australian servicing stations, please view them here

We have a couple of resources available that will take you through how this servicing is done. Click here to open a 'looking after your Inflatable Lifejacket' checklist from Coastguard NZ, and please see below for a video which will take you though the self servicing steps.

Remember, it's not a Lifejacket until it is inflated, so make sure it does. 

Check out this video and keep your lifejacket working properly.

If any doubt bring it into your nearest Boating and Outdoors store.

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