Sportelli Hatches



Constructed from high quality, impact & UV resistant ASA plastic. This system of plastic hatches features two important and innovative improvements compared to other products in the market.

  1. The cover of the hatch can be dismounted and replaced simply by removing 3 screws, and
  2. The cover can be completely removed from its housing/frame at an opening angle that spans between 5° and 75°.

Other hatches currently sold on the market are fabricated with plastic hinges integrated in the hatch’s frame. This means that if the hatch cover needed replacement it would need to be dismounted from the entire boat frame, a strenuous if not impossible task due to the fact that the frame is glued to the boat with particularly strong adhesives. The Sportelli hatches can be dismounted and replaced by simply removing 3 screws. 

Boat users also find hatches to be troublesome to open during navigation since the driver himself is obstructing the hatch door opening. With Sportelli hatches you are able to completely remove the cover from it's housing/frame at an opening angle that spans between 5° and 75°. 

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