2024 Suzuki 70 HP

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2024 Suzuki DF70 Four-Stroke Engine

Suzukis engine features, Offset driveshafts to bring the weight further forward on your boat and give the feature for the biggest gear ratio allowing for bigger props for efficiency and torque, Self Adjusting Timing Chains (no belts) Troll Mode (With Multifunction Guage), Inbuilt trim limit switch, Lean Burn Technology (increased fuel saving)

20 inch Shaft or 25 Shaft
DOHC 16- Valve
Dry Weight: 157Kg - 20 - 161kg - 25
5700RPM-6300RPM Full Open Throttle Range
27a Alternator
2.59-1 Gear Ratio

Fitted Price - Comes with Engine, Side Mount Rigging Kit/Prop, and analog Guages fitted to a bare transom. Suzuki Multifunction Guages are $795inc GST

Extras will be if needed: Dash Repairs, Transom Repairs, Fuel System Repairs/Upgrades, Electrical Repairs, Steering Upgrades, Battery/Box+Switchs & Terminals. Price Starts at $400 to remove the existing engine and trade-ins are available subject to workshop inspection.

  • Make: Suzuki
  • Year: 2024
  • Boat Overall Length: 0.00
  • Engine Size: 70.0

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