It’s time to upgrade with Boating and Outdoors

Having the right lifejacket is a key component to any day spent out on the water.
Modern lifejackets are well made, easy to come by and most importantly safe, in comparison to older style jackets such as Kapok. Kapok Lifejackets are dangerous and likely to fail when used, and therefore should be upgraded.

An easy way to distinguish a Kapok jacket is by looking for two key things: rounded buoyancy sections rather than square foam, and they are generally a halter style.

Thankfully, Maritime New Zealand have issued a safety notice stating, any solid fill lifejacket, relying on a waterproof bag is no longer acceptable under the New Zealand standard.

Take the time this winter, to make sure you check all your lifejackets.

  • Ensure they are NOT the older style Kapok lifejackets
  • Make sure they are fit for purpose and well maintained for your next trip.

If it’s time to upgrade your lifejackets, make sure you check out our wide range of foam and inflatable lifejackets by quality brands such as Hutchwilco and Line7, to ensure you and your family are safe out on the water.

For more information about the upgrading your Kapok Lifejackets make sure you visit your nearest Boating and Outdoors store or online at