With worldwide claims of nature regenerating during the Covid-19 lockdown, we wanted to dig a little deeper to find out whether our fish stocks and oceans would have benefited from the time off the water.

Easter is always a busy time of year for fishing around New Zealand, with an average of around 200,000 fishing trips planned during the month of Easter each year. This year, the level 4 lockdown meant we had commercial fishing restricted, recreational fishing stopped, cruise ships docked and generally less people out on the water. So, has this lockdown provided an opportunity for our oceans to rest?

According to LegaSea’s latest article, they propose that “whether or not this lockdown period has been of benefit will strongly depend on how New Zealanders behave post lockdown.”

We are hopeful that during lockdown our keen New Zealand fishermen have spent some time reflecting on what they appreciate about the ocean as a vast and spectacular resource available to us, and if close to the seaside, taken notice of the attitudes and patterns of the fish since lockdown.

As a proud platinum supporter of LegaSea, the team at Boating and Outdoors are dedicated to encouraging sustainable fishing. As we move down the alert levels, we want to encourage our customers to fish responsibly and remind them not to try and make up for the lost time during lockdown.

Here are some of our tips for fishing sustainably as we get back out on the water:

  • Minimise your environmental impact.
  • Don’t catch more than your quota limit.
  • Be content with ‘enough for a feed’
  • Remember your size limits, if it’s undersize carefully throw them back.

We want to take this opportunity to acknowledge LegaSea and their dedication to ensuring our marine environment is managed in a sustainable way. LegaSea’s hard work leads to a more abundant and healthier sea life, for us all to enjoy.

To learn more visit https://legasea.co.nz/