With Spring finally here, it’s time to drag your boat out of hibernation and get back out on the water. You’ve got the life jackets, the cold drinks and the family all sorted, but when you get to the water and attempt to start your engine – nothing.

We’ve all been there. After months of storage over Winter, boats need a bit of TLC before they’re good to go again. Boating and Outdoors offer Servicing solutions at each of our 24 stores. Our friendly teams of factory-trained technicians can help dust the cobwebs off and get your boat water-ready.

Boat maintenance is important throughout the entire year, especially in those Summer months as we spend more time on the water thanks to those long days and awesome boating conditions. To help you keep your vessel in ship-shop shape, we’ve put together a few of our top boat maintenance tips that you can do at home.

Our Top 3 Boat Maintenance Tips

Outboards and Sterndrives

  • Always flush your boat engine with fresh water after use.
  • Avoid leaving water in your tank with a Fuel Stabilizer. Modern fuel contains alcohol which attracts moisture and can cause expensive damage!
  • Keep your engine water galleries clear with Salt Away.
  • Regular servicing of your engine every 12 months or 100 hours will make it more reliable and keep you and your family safe.

The Hull

  • Give your boat a good scrub, from top to bottom, to remove dirt and grit that can build up over Winter and damage your boat’s finishes.
  • If you notice nicks and wear in the boat paint, get them fixed to keep the paint from disintegrating further.
  • Stay one step ahead and polish your hull. A decent polisher such as Supawax protects the fibreglass gelcoat and enamel from damage from the hot Kiwi summer sun & UV, rain, salt water, dirt and grime. Plus, it provides a superlative shine for up to 6 months to keep you looking fresh on the water.


  • Often trailer maintenance can be overlooked, but don’t forget they haul your precious cargo! One key area to look out for wear and tear are your trailer tyres. Most trailer tyres don't wear out on the tread, but they do die of exposure to the elements. When doing maintenance checks, look for cracks in sidewalls, which means they need to be replaced.
  • Make it a habit to check your trailer lights are working before each outing.

While it’s good practice to keep your boat regularly maintained, it’s important to book in for a full service every 6-12 months to keep your engine running smoothly and your passengers safe. After all, we all love boats for the enjoyment they bring to us and others!

Just some of the services our Boating & Outdoors retailers offer:

  • Quality advice from trusted technicians
  • General servicing of outboards and inboards from all major brands
  • Diagnosis and repairs
  • Gearbox rebuilding
  • Propeller selection and repairs
  • Steering system replacement and conversions
  • All electronic and accessory installations. Complete installs from bow to stern
  • Upholstery repairs; seats, carpet or canopies
  • Battery systems; maintenance, chargers and solar charging systems
  • Fuel system cleaning, engine re-powers (swapping to a newer more efficient engine)
  • Insurance repairs
  • Wakeboard poles, and wake towers ballast systems
  • 100% guarantee of workmanship.

Beat the pre-Summer rush and book in with one of our retailers for full boat service. Find your nearest B&O store to make a booking so you know you are ready to go for when the fish are biting and the sun is shining. Our team are happy to have a chat about what type of servicing your boat might need (and they’ll be keen to hear about your next boating adventures, too!).

We look forward to seeing you in store and out on the water soon!