Any day out on the boat is a good day, but adding in some watersports with friends and family makes for a memorable one! There are plenty of adventures to be had out on the water this summer. Feel like white-knuckling it on a tube? Or perhaps carving it up on a pair of waterskis? Read on below for our favourite watersports products that will have your friends and family making a splash and having a laugh this summer season.

1. Hold on tight while tubing

Maybe it’s the hilarious facial expressions, or maybe it’s the feeling of getting air-time flying over the wake, but either way, tubing is a watersport that always has every family member grinning from ear to ear.

One of our favourite products is the O’Brien Super Screamer Tube. With capacity to hold two riders, the Super Screamer is a great way to share a laugh (or a scream) with friends and family. It’s easy to see why this is one of our best-selling products. High quality materials and top-notch construction provide the biggest bang for your buck.

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2. Carve it up on some skis

A good pair of waterskis make you feel right at home on the water. The O’Brien Celebrity Combos do just that. These twin tip skis are our best-selling adult waterskis. Feel the wind in your hair and the spray of your own wake as you carve it up on the open sea or lake. Perfect for both beginner and intermediate skiers, the Celebrities will make you feel like a star.

Our best-selling waterskis are easy to adjust and incredibly versatile. Allowing for both stability and high performance, the high surface area of these skis means that you’ll get lots of lift, while still being able to carve across the wake. The O’Brien Celebrities are always a favourite for watersports fans year after year.

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3. Challenge your skills with a wakeboard

Wakeboarding can be one of the harder watersports to master, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s a great activity for both fitness and fun. Our go-to is the O’Brien System Wakeboard. The System is a predictable board perfect for beginner to intermediate wakeboarders. Offering excellent performance at an affordable price, The System has all the top features such as a Continuous Rocker for stability on the water, and dual channels for precision edging. There’s also an extra buoyant foam core allowing for that perfect ‘pop-up’.

The System is a great first board for anyone who is just getting into the sport. Keep one handy on your boat or ski for when any friends or family members want to dip a toe into wakeboarding.

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4. Stay in control with a kneeboard

Kneeboarding is a popular option for beginners to watersports as it’s easier to learn and stay in control, whilst still providing max fun when out on the lake or the sea! It’s also a great sport for the whole family thanks to a kneeboard’s stability and comfort. Simply strap in, hold on, and away you go.

Our choice of kneeboard is the O’Brien Black Magic. With a shape designed for stability and materials that offer strength and durability, the Black Magic is ready to perform. The nifty size of the Black Magic also means that both adults and kids can ride it with ease.

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5. Stay safe with the correct gear

Whether you’ve got experienced riders on board or complete first timers, it’s key to make sure you’ve got all the correct safety gear on hand.

For any of the watersports mentioned above, you’ll need a set of good life vests, a strong and sturdy rope for towing, and consider additional items like helmets for wakeboarders if you’ve got some more advanced riders on board. And of course, make sure you always have a spotter to point out for when your riders have taken a dive.

Get ready for the summer season and really make the most of your time on the water. Check out our range in store or online, or come and talk with one of our team on which products are right for you and your family.